Is Smart Watch Gaming the Next Big Thing?

Twenty years ago if you had told someone holding an old Nokia brick, the kind that still had the retractable aerial, that in the not too distant future they would be playing casino games on their mobile device, you would have been asked which sci-fi book you were reading!

In the gaming world it took almost 200 years for slots machines to advance and evolve into video slots. It then took less than 30 years for online slots to emerge. The jump to gaming on your smartphone happened within 10 years, and now we move into a world where you can play casino games on your smart watch!

Smart watches have only been on the market for a few years and already the online casino industry is itching to get their games onto the devices. In 2014 at the Mobile World Congress event, Microgaming launched its plans to create platforms for smartwatches. Unlike many new apps, which start out being created for Apple, Microgaming began with Android, perhaps because it opens the door to a much bigger variety of devices.

The challenges of creating casinos for smartwatches really do sit within the size of the screen. When online casinos first became accessible on mobile devices, they had the benefit of the player being able to access them using a browser if the app wasn’t available. However, a smart watch is simply too small for that option to be feasible. This means that games have to be developed specifically for smart watches; but that hasn’t slowed anyone down for long.

Microgaming has already released several smart watch games, an example of which would be Thunderstruck. They adapted an incredibly popular existing game and created the app so that you can swipe between screens in order to place bets or check the bets, so that space is saved for the play screen to be visible. While they had to downsize and simplify the game somewhat, it has proven very popular and paves the way for many new opportunities.

Microgaming is not the only company to develop these apps. Ladbrokes and Unibet both have smartwatch versions for their betting platforms, and they certainly won’t be the last to join the race. While the industry is still in its infancy it will definitely be the new area to watch as it offers so much potential, and could once again change the face of online gaming.