Why Sports Celebrities Love Casino Games

If you are reading the news on a regular basis, chances are, you will come across an article about a famous sports celebrity who dropped a boatload of cash on a poker game or casino blackjack. Everyone form Michael Jordan to Australian cricketer Shane Warne, Wayne Rooney to Michael Phelps has been spotted dropping buckets of cash on the roulette tables, poker tables or blackjack tables.

This is not a new phenomenon, since the rise of professional sport and the super-rich sponsorship goldmines that come with the package, sports celebrities have been splashing out at the casinos. The question is why do they do it? For us at home who need to carefully squirrel away cash for a month before heading to the local casino, dropping that amount of cash is simply unthinkable. Then again, would we do it if we had the cash to spend?

The Logistics of Fluid Cash

Let’s take a look at the simple facts of the matter. First of all, you have to realise that when it comes to cash to spend, these athletes are in another league altogether and yes, the pun is intended. What constitutes a night out for a sports celeb, equates to about a month’s worth of wagers for us plebs. This puts things into perspective a bit. Even if a local football player drops a hundred Grand on the blackjack tables, the only thing it’s really going to hurt is his or her pride.

Now we come to the crux of the matter; why do they do it? The simple answer is because they can and because it’s fun. Not that losing is fun, but gambling in general is a great way to unwind and have a good night out. In a such a competitive world like professional sports, playing poker or blackjack is like becoming someone else entirely. This movement away from sports celebrity to local gambler is a massive decompression. A way to just let go of all the stress, the game tension, the need to be your best.

Of course, this comes out with varied results. In some cases, these sportsmen and woman win a bit but most of the time, they end up losing. Aside from a few exceptions, these guys are just like you and me. They are not professionals that are able to count cards or memorise the most intricate blackjack strategies, they are just there to have a bit of fun and possibly win a big of cash in the process. What sets them apart is the sheer size of their bets. Where we might bet tens or twenties they are throwing down hundreds or thousands. It would stand to reason then that they would make the headlines if they lose big.

The Excitement of the Unknown

What attracts sportsmen and woman to games like poker or blackjack is the sheer excitement and the possibility that anything can happen. These are people who have stood in front of thousands of screaming fans and felt the ultimate rush when throwing a three pointer, scoring the winning goal or crossing the finish line first. This type of rush is something we can cannot even fathom.

It is entirely possible that coming down from such heights is hard, really hard.  If there is one thing that can bring back the thrill, it is having a couple of grand hanging on in balance while the blackjack dealer slowly reveals the cards. Whether they win or lose is not really an issue, it is getting back to that feeling of being on a knife’s edge that brings players back time after time. The same can be said for just about everyone who visits a casino.