Superstitions That Bring Luck at the Casino

Superstitions are a part of our everyday lives, whether we know it or not. From knocking on wood to crossing our fingers, there are little things that we do that seem to work, even if we don’t know why. The science of superstition comes down to us humans trying to rationalise unexplained phenomena. For example, if a desired outcome was achieved, then recreating certain aspects of the event will have the same outcome. Whenever this happens, the superstition is reinforced. Superstitions gives us a sense of control over events that are essentially random or coincidence.

Nowhere is superstition more evident than in a casino. A study done in 2011 revealed that at least 54 percent of adults believe in some form of gambling superstition. This is not surprising as gamblers are the first to admit that they will do just about anything to improve their luck at on the tables or slot machines. Why not, if it helps you win, all the better, if not, then there is no harm done. If you have no adversity to trying new things and you are keen to boost your winnings, here are a few ideas of how to improve your luck at the casino.

Wear Your Best Cloths – Or Lucky Clothes

Most people have a shirt, a tie, underwear or pairs of socks that is deemed lucky. Even if you don’t there is something in your wardrobe that makes you feel better or look good. A common belief with gamblers is to wear your lucky clothes every time you visit the casino. Hey, if it works, great, if not, at least you will look good when you walk out the door crying.

Lucky Charms

Another common superstition is to bring with a lucky charm. This can be any item that you carry with you as a keepsake or something to remind you of a part of your life that was fun or exciting. The classic lucky charm is a rabbit’s foot, a badger’s tooth or a four-leaf clover. Modern day charms might take the form of a piece of jewellery.

Bring Along a Friend

In western traditions, it is believed that bringing along a friend will help you win on the slots. Even if this person is just at the bar having a drink, their physical energy is enough to change your fortunes. However, in Eastern traditions, people believe that bringing along a friend or spouse in particular is bad luck and will see you lose it all.

Wear Red

While this is more of a Chinese superstition, it has been adopted by the west with high levels of success. Basically, it involves wearing red every time you visit the casino. Why red? We are not sure, but if you own something red, put it on, what harm can it really do?

Curse at the Ball

This one is specifically for roulette and it may not be all that appropriate in certain casinos. You might just find yourself being asked to leave if you overdo it. The theory here is that if you curse at the ball while it is spinning around the roulette wheel, you can somehow convince it to land on your number. I’m sure we have all done this under our breaths, but it is one superstition that is actually shown to have good results.

Blow on the Dice

This is one of the more popular superstitions and one that is featured in almost every casino film. This superstition pertains to craps and takes place before each roll. The idea here is to blow luck onto the dice before you throw it on the table. Better yet, get a beautiful woman to blow on the dice for you and your luck will continue.