How Tech Has Changed Casinos

Modern technology is a fascinating and incredible thing, advancing at amazing speeds to a degree that is all but breath taking. Things possible now were not possible just a few short years ago, meaning that each new generation can only guess at what will be achieved in their lifetime. There has, in fact, never been a better time to be alive, as far as exciting new technological achievements are concerned.

Plus, of course, with each new technological leap multiple industries are impacted in profound ways. The average office job has massively been changed by the invention of lightening fast computers, internet, and portable telephones. It can be said that an employee today is far more efficient and productive than ever before, which creates astonishing implications for what else will change in the near future.

The industry we will shine a spotlight on today, however, is the casino industry, which may have had some of the biggest changes due entirely to new technology.

How Tech Has Changed Casinos

From Bone Dice To Digital

Casino games go back millennia, with some of the earliest dice found being made out of bone. They were from before modern civilisation had even put down roots, which should give some idea of how long people have been enjoying games of chance. When modern day casinos did finally become viable, it was still centuries ago, although, notably, many of the same games were played that are still played today. Casino games have remarkably remained almost entirely unchanged, since their first inception.

Throughout the 1800s casinos and casino games were enormously popular, with virtually every continent on earth having some or other form of public casino. Casino games were refined in this era, with new games introduced and old games polished to perfection. Favourite games became evident, with the classic such as roulette, blackjack or twenty ones, and poker being the most played.

Only recently did casino games become a digital sensation, bringing the old classic forms of entertainment into the modern era. Roulette became online roulette, and blackjack became online blackjack, but all still remained true to their original forms.

Digital Advantages

The games remained true to their original forms, but did gain many distinct advantages from going digital. Online casinos are remarkable in many ways, not in the least because they are able to service an almost unlimited number of patrons simultaneously, as well as patrons from basically anywhere on the planet. The internet, one of the most recent and profound inventions, has created a situation in which the world has no borders.

And this, of course, as just the tip of the iceberg as far as advantages are concerned. Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing anyone to play at any time they choose. Players are also all but guaranteed a shot at their favourite game, without ever having to wait for a seat at a table. Plus, of course, many online games work at the pace the player chooses, as opposed to the other way around in real world casinos.

All these things mark the dawn of a new era for casino games, where the power is in the player’s hands.

Future Advancements

These enormous technological leaps always beg the question of what the future will hold, and, of course, this is a very difficult question to tackle. Science fictions writers of the past rarely managed to envision future technology accurately, which stands to reason, given the fact that a person is always very much restricted to what their imagination can envision. Still, though, it can be fun trying to predict how the future will unfold.

As far as online casino games go, many are already pointing to live casinos as the way of the future. Live casinos, a relatively small but interesting step, allow online players to interact with real croupiers, as opposed to computer software. This closes the gap between human interaction and technology, but is seen as unnecessary by many.

Others point to virtual reality as the way of the future.

Virtual Reality Casinos

Although still in its infancy, many predict that virtual reality will make it’s way into all digital technology, and revolutionise how we see digital worlds. Allowing an almost complete insertion into a digital environment, VR certainly seems like a giant leap forward. What else could be the next logical step, as far as technology is concerned?

Many online casinos and software developers have already expressed great interest in combining VR with online casino games, and there will almost certainty be a wave of VR based casino games in the near future. As to how well these games do, and how well the player responds to them, remains to be seen. But one can hardly not express excitement and the seemingly endless possibilities. As to whether this is the way of the future will be something everyone gets to experience together.