Top 5 Online Dating Sites Hand-Picked for You

Online Dating Sites

A recent study reported that more than 49 million people have tried online dating at one point or another – a number not terribly significant, considering a current world population of 7.6 billion. However, as online dating only really became ‘a thing’ in the 90s, and as we’re not taking mobile app statistics into consideration, this number could well skyrocket in the future. If you want to be part of that growth, and find yourself looking for love, companionship or even ‘you-know-what’, then you’re in luck! We’ve singled out the top 5 online dating sites that you should couple up with in 2018.


Playing matchmaker in 24 different countries, in 15 different languages, is one of the leading love-finders you’ll find online today. They were one of the first of their kind to launch in the mid-90s, and offer you the chance to connect with, and meet, singles from all over the globe. You can load your profile with as many as 26 photos (make sure not to just include the Snapchat ones, now!), and you’ll be able to set tons of preferences before you hit the search button on your PC or mobile. What makes them number one in our opinion? Their “I Met Someone Guarantee”. Read more about it here.

#2: EliteSingles

Self-proclaimed leaders in “intelligent matchmaking”, EliteSingles targets serious daters who are looking for more than just a fling. With a 30-plus age range, thousands of members who predominantly hold a university degree, and an impressive 25-country reach, EliteSingles stands out for more reasons than one – and the fact that they cater to all races and religions makes them clear winners in our books. Eager to find out more? You can find them here.

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#3: Zoosk

One quick look through Zoosk’s heartfelt success stories, and you’ll be convinced that this online dating site is one that works. Featured by Time, Wired and Women’s Health, Zoosk’s reach is way ahead of any other of its kind, accessible in 25 languages and 80 countries. That’s right, 80. What’s the secret to this go-betweens’ success? Some say it’s their behavioural matchmaking technology, which is constantly learning from the successes and failures of its multi-million-strong member base. Sounds a little AI to us, but we’re not here to judge! Ready to meet your match? You could easily find them here

#4: OkCupid

A cute name for a quirky site! Unlike the others we’ve featured so far, OkCupid caught our attention not only because of their off-the-wall landing page and general uniqueness, but also because they’re one of the few successful online dating sites out there that don’t bill their users. Free to join and free to use, they even have a tab devoted to ‘Vegetarian Dating’ – now this is what we call commitment. We’re not entirely sure how legitimate the numbers are (because let’s be honest, it could just be a marketing ploy), but while we were sussing them out in the late afternoon, OkCupid already had 84,425 users online. Sound like the perfect match while you find your fit? Then try them on for size here.

#5: eHarmony

Like OkCupid, eHarmony also offers free membership (well, for a limited time, anyway) – and like, they also boast a love guarantee: just two of the many reasons singles looking for love are drawn to their site. There’s a definite seriousness to their ‘personality’, so, like EliteSingles, eHarmony seems to be a destination you should only visit if you’re considering or ready for a serious, lifelong commitment. As they say on their web page, “It’s all about quality, over quantity” here.

Yes, yes, we know – you’ve made mental notes and you’re ready to get clicking, but before you do, a word of caution: keep your wits about you.

We wouldn’t be doing our civic duty if we didn’t remind you that as much as there are people out there, who, like you, are genuinely looking for true love, there are also scammers who are definitely not looking for anything other than your money. Always ensure you’re cyber savvy and follow your instincts before meeting any of your suitors in a public place. And never, ever, part with any of your cash. No matter how in love you think you may be.