Top Tips to Play Blackjack Like a Pro

Top Tips to Play Blackjack Like a Pro

Easy to learn yet challenging, fast-paced, and fun, it’s plain to see why blackjack is the world’s favourite card game. Ask any champion 21 player, and they’ll tell you that the game definitely relies on more than just luck.

While every pro has their own unique approach to the classic game, there are a few top tips and tricks many of them use in addition to their personal strategies. We’ve uncovered the best of them, so you can add a professional touch to your game and improve your chances of beating the dealer.

Know What to Do with Your Hands

Most professional blackjack players develop their strategies on a foundation of five basic tips. Strategies are never based solely on the player’s cards, but also take into consideration the dealer’s face-up card.

To Stand means to play your hand as is. This is something you can do if your hand is worth 13 points or more, and the dealer’s card is a two or a three. You can also Stand if your have a 12, and the dealer has a five or a six, or if you have a 17, and the dealer has a seven.

Doubling down means doubling your bet and taking another card. Double down if you have a 10 or 11. You can also double down if your hand contains an Ace, but only if the dealer doesn’t have a two.

To Split is to divide your hand in two and use each card as the start of two new hands. Always split cards of the same value, and always split Aces and eights, even if the dealer thinks it isn’t a good idea.

Go Easy on the Betting Systems

New blackjack players may be tempted to use various betting systems in the hope of improving their chances of landing a big win. A popular system is the Martingale, which sees the amount bet double after every losing bet.

Professional players usually avoid such systems, because they do not improve your chances of winning. They may lead to bigger payouts, but only because you’d be placing bigger bets.

You’re more likely to blow your bankroll than make blackjack by using betting systems.

Play Multiple Hands in Moderation

When most champion blackjack players play multiple hands at the same table, it’s usually just to add a bit more fun to their game. After all, even the pros enjoy having fun when playing 21.

Playing two hands simultaneously increases your chances of winning only because you’ll have placed two bets instead of one. It’s basically the same as playing one hand after the other, so unless you’re incredibly lucky or you implement sound strategy, it’s not actually going to give you an edge.

Don’t be lured into the trap of playing multiple hands continuously, as all you would really be doing is doubling the amount you bet on each round.

Hesitate to Hedge Your Bets

Professional blackjack players don’t often hedge their bets. Hedging a bet is basically placing an insurance bet so that, if the initial bet is lost, the insurance bet will win.

That might sound like a good idea in theory, but it could have a negative effect, especially if yours is a good hand to begin with. If your hand has a low total such as five or six, an insurance bet could be forgiven, but it makes no sense to hedge your bet if your hand is worth 20 points.

Come play blackjack with us, put these professional top tips to the test, and play like a champ now!