Trail Blazing with Jungle Jim


Some might say that the age of exploration is over. We beg to differ! While the world has become a bit smaller with the advent of the Internet and the ability to access all of humanity’s knowledge from the palm of your hand, there are still plenty of mysteries lurking around in dark and dangerous places. The place that probably first comes to mind is the ocean. Roughly two thirds of our planet is covered in water, and we have just started to scratch the surface. Just imagine what could lie one kilometre beneath the waves in the crushing, cold, dark depths.

Other parts of our planet that still hold mystery and adventure are the vast jungles and rainforests that dot the various geographical regions. Did you know that there are two types of rainforest? Both tropical and temperate variants dot the world and are based on the different climates of the area. Examples of where tropical rainforests occur includes Southeast Asia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sri Lanka, South America, Central America, Australia and many more. Temperate rainforest regions include North America, British Columbia, parts of Europe, parts of the western Balkans as well as areas surrounding the Black Sea.

It’s in these vast jungles that we find our hero, Jungle Jim, in search of untold treasures, adventure and riches. Will he manage to secure the ancient relics of a lost civilisation or find jewels the size of tennis balls? We can’t be certain, but we can join him on his journey in Jungle Jim El Dorado by Microgaming. Let’s take a look at what this slot has to offer!

Untold Treasures

Jungle Jim El Dorado is a new and exciting offering from the talented online casino software developers at Microgaming. It features twenty-five paylines, five reels and a one hundred and twenty times jackpot.

What really makes this slot stand out is the graphics and art style. You’ll think you’ve been transported into an ancient temple in the deepest, darkest jungle you can imagine. Aztec symbols and architecture dominate the background of this beautifully rendered environment. Players can expect a rich jungle graphics with the occasional environmental effect such as dripping water the canopy above.

What’s really new and exciting about this slot is the main character, Jungle Jim, is actually animated as well. From time to time he will take out his shovel to lean on as he watches the reels spin. All that reel watching must be thirsty work, because he also stops now and again to have a quick drink of water. Well, we assume its water. Who knows? Maybe Jungle Jim enjoys his adult beverages. We do have to feel a bit bad for him as he swats away mosquitos, but that’s the price you pay for hunting for treasure in the wild.

Bonus Features

And what would a Microgaming offering be without some bonus features? Jungle Jim El Dorado has two notable features that players should be on the lookout for.

The first of these is free spins. The player can trigger the free spins bonus feature by landing three of the circular scatter symbols. This will give the player ten free spins.

The rolling reels feature is activate in the base game as well as the free spins bonus round. Hit a winning combination and the symbols involved will fall away and be replaced by new ones!

So are you ready for your own adventure? Grab your shovel, your best pair of hiking boots and a rock solid GPS. It’s time to go after some treasure!