Understanding the Baccarat Squeeze

baccarat squeezeBaccarat is one of the most basic card games at the casino. Once you have placed your bet on the banker, the player or a tie, the dealer starts handing out the cards and there is nothing more you can do to influence the game. From there, the only outcome is to win or lose your bet.

However, this is not always the case. In Macau, a game of Baccarat looks a lot different. If you have ever played Evolution Gaming’s Live Dealer Baccarat Squeeze, you will be forgiven for thinking it was a different game all together.

Baccarat Squeeze is popular in Macau and has been gaining steam in the live online casino market. While the game itself remains the same, the way the cards are revealed creates a sense of anticipation and excitement that lasts until the last few seconds. In traditional land-based and online casinos, the Baccarat cards are dealt face up. In a game of Baccarat Squeeze however, the cards are dealt face down. A croupier will be chosen to reveal the hand in a specific way as to only give players a glimpse of what the card might bet.

The Slow Reveal

This is called the Squeeze. Basically, it is a way of revealing a small partition of the card without revealing its true identity. This is done by placing a thumb across the value of the card, bending the card along one side then rotating it 90 degrees. This reveals the suit of the card and the symbols along the edge. This tells the player a little bit about the card but not enough to know its full value. For example, a card with 2 suit symbols across the top and three down the side mean that it could be a 6, a 7 or an 8.

If a card has a black line along the top edge, it is obviously a jack, queen or king worth 0 points and so there is no point in squeezing it any longer. The card will be flipped and the attention turned to the second card. If a third card is required, it too will be squeezed. If a card is squeezed and there is no sign of any symbols or outer edge, the card is an ace with a value of 1.

The process of card squeezing may seem silly, but when you try it, you’ll find that it does add to the overall excitement of the game!