Is VR Coming to a Casino Near You?

There are very few people unaware of just how popular the revolutionary step towards virtual reality, amongst developers and players alike, has become.

In fact, a recent study actually came to find that as much as 92% of people have come to know virtual reality (VR), and almost a quarter of them have used the technology, even if it was just once. In more recent months, VR has managed to enter the mainstream and it is largely because of Oculus Rift, along with Google Daydream View reaching shelves for the very first time.

VR has seemingly sparked something of a revolution in technology, officially ceasing to blur the lines that fall between digital and real worlds, but rather bridging that gap entirely.

A Virtual World

The virtual space inside of the goggles, that seems to live so prominently among us now, provides us with an enhanced realism that, to many people, tends to be a lot more engaging, as well as entertaining, than the actual world that we live in.

Virtual reality is ultimately making an effective change on we communicate to one another, offering a far more immersive form of entertainment and a platform that is truly engaging – essentially meaning that it offers a great environment to educate ourselves in.

With the tumbling cost of VR goggles, it appears as though it’ll only be a matter of time before we see them in just about every household.

Potentially Lucrative Industry

It seems that the wave of VR has hit just about every industry, whether considering or executing, and businesses all around the world again have the opportunity to engage with their current and potential consumers in fresh, exciting ways.

Of course, the casino and gambling markets around the world are especially well placed in terms of capitalising on this revolutionary technology, and this refers both to player engagement and the streamlining of operations.

What VR Means for Casinos

There are a number of great benefits that come with VR technology making its way into the casino industry, from allowing you to access your very best-loved games while miles away from a casino floor to fun, new recruitment techniques and interesting marketing campaigns.

VR essentially has the ability to up the stakes entirely and change the game for gambling on a global scale. For brick and mortar casinos, we are set to see VR lounges that let players immerse themselves into their favourite slot games from the floor of the casino by simply slipping on a pair of goggles.

VR Casino Gaming

It won’t be long before we see some of the smash hit titles that have entertained us for hours on end grace the world of VR, however, unlike classic online games, you can actually walk around and explore an interactive, virtual casino lobby that is scarily close to the real thing.

Imagine being able to explore rows of slot machines while taking in the sights and sounds of a casino, or walking past tables and watching other players as they engage in a nail-biting game of roulette. Think about sitting at a table after getting that good feeling about it, or never having to leave a game looking for customer support because there will be agents walking around and willing to help.

Think of being able to come and go, or alternatively stay, in the gaming environment as much as you please, and doing all of the above while away from the floor of a casino. With the way in which technology advances, sooner or later you won’t have to imagine.