Wearables and Online Gaming

The face of the online gaming industry is constantly changing. It has progressed from online casinos to mobile casinos, and it is likely that the introduction of wearables, the future of technology, will influence the gaming world even further.

Defining Wearables 

Wearables, as the name suggests, are just that, namely, technologies that a user actually wears on the body. Currently, these tend to be wearable versions of items such as smart phones. Users wearing wearables are generally able to access e-mails, social media, and various apps, or may partake in certain tracking applications. Current examples would include wearables such as the Apple iWatch.

While there is no firm evidence suggesting that wearables will indeed influence the online gaming industry, the popularity of new and latest technologies suggest that the gaming industry will indeed head into the direction. Here are some common wearables and how they might affect the gaming industry in future.

Smart Glasses 

Smart glasses are computerised spectacles that allow wearers to access an advanced interface. The most common smart glass prototype in existence is Google Glass. These have already been banned from land-based casino establishments, primarily because they could possibly allow for unfair play and an unfair advantage to the wearer.

Smart glasses certainly immerse the casino players into the game, but they would limit the ability to multi-task, which many players do if they play on devices such as laptops or tablets.

There are as yet no real money casino games available for smart glasses, though some free games exist for Google Glass.

Smart Watches

The Apple iWatch is possibly the most common smart watch readily available, and it allows wearers to access a range of applications that wearers would usually find on their smartphone device. Currently, the Apple iWatch is directly linked to the user’s iPhone, and cannot function without it. Other smart watches, such as the Sony Smart Watch, are also in existence.

Advanced smart watches already see the inclusion of a range of applications and technologies, and are likely to include online gaming opportunities in future. The Sony Smart Watch already has a blackjack app available for it, though the screen size and graphics are less than favourable.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality Headsets can be described as larger more cumbersome smart glasses, but these are more specifically aimed towards the gaming industry. The idea is to have images projected that occupy the wearer’s peripheral vision, so they could be fully immersed into the game being played.

There are no real money casino games available for Virtual Reality Headsets, but this is one wearable technology that could very well become important in the future of online gaming.

Current Virtual Reality Headsets already in existence include the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR, which runs together with the Samsung Galaxy. Basic games are already available for this.

Smart Rings 

Smart rings are rings wearers would place on their fingers and thereby access emails or social media notifications. Given the size of rings these are currently unlikely to become important in the future of online gaming, unless used in conjunction with another device.

Where to for Wearables? 

No one can be certain of how wearable technology will shape the future of online gaming, though with the move to making things easier and more convenient, it is very likely that some sort of online gaming will be part of future wearable technology.

There are so many potential applications for wearables and as online casino games are so popular it’s only natural that the two shall collide and become a tech-force to be reckoned with!