What are Whales? (not the sea mammal!)

If you’ve heard the term whale while playing casino games, rest assured they are not referring to the mammal or to a particularly large girth player. Rather, in casino terms, whales refer to the mammoth amounts of money that high rollers spend playing Blackjack, Poker and other popular games.

A whale is essentially a high roller that wastes no time placing small-time bets, and often experiences the pleasure of winning big too. Whether online or at a brick and mortar casino, you are sure to see a number of impressive and intimidating whales in your gambling career.

Who Are They?

The whales that swim across the casino floor are made up of a diverse group of people, but that is not to say that the majority of them aren’t the millionaires and billionaires who barely bat an eyelid at the prospect of losing a couple hundred dollars at a time.

Overall, they are the players that revel in the thrill that accompanies just about every form of gambling and they have a taste for the high life, embracing VIP status whenever they possibly can, and sparing no expense for sheer joy and great entertainment.

The Royal Treatment

As far as the royal treatment goes, whales are right at the top of the ladder. This essentially means that if you are a high roller in somewhere like Vegas, you are set to see perks like private jets, luxury hotels and dining all free of charge. It may seem like a silly move for a casino if the whales win, but their losses can far exceed that of the casinos, making this sort of pampering worthwhile. In the online arena whales are often treated to exclusive casino bonuses, promotions and other rewards and their status is always recognised and appreciated.

How to Recognise a Whale

In a land-based casino the special treatment may be one of the more obvious ways to recognise a high roller, but there are a few other things you can take notice of too.

Casino whales ultimately receive a lot more credit than low rollers do, because the casinos are well aware of the fact that they can afford it, and they’ll be the ones placing big bets and multiple hands.

Lastly, you can recognise a high roller by the way in which they are treated by staff and, in some cases, the fact that bodyguards often accompany them!