What Is a No-Download Casino?

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As the online casino industry expands, more and more new players are logging in on a daily basis. With new players comes the inevitable situation of fish being out of water, metaphorically speaking. Of course, there is no shame in being new to an industry, and everyone has to start learning how things work at some point.

With that being said, lets take a look at a few concepts that new players may be unfamiliar with, focusing on the concept of no-download casinos. What exactly is a no-download casino, how does it work, and is it beneficial to the player? Let’s find out.

Online Casinos – The Basics

People will throw around the term online casino without really having much of an idea of what exactly that means. It’s just a casino that can be accessed via the Internet, right? It sure is, but there is a bit more to it than that.

An online casino, by definition, is a series of games with their information stored online. This essentially means that the data for the games is not located on the device that the game is being played on. If a person accesses one of the games, the information is available on the device only temporarily. Required information is downloaded, and will be discarded by the Internet browser when it is closed.

This is beneficial to the player in that it avoids the devices becoming cluttered with information that may not be needed again. In other words, each time an online casino game is played, the information is downloaded again. This is the definition of an online casino, and this system even being possible is a recent evolution of the online world. This is what is termed as a no-download casino.

A Download Casino

A download casino is a different form of online gaming, and aimed at making the experience a great deal more streamlined and intuitive. Since no-download casinos require the data to be downloaded every time the game is played, there can be a certain amount of waiting required before a game may be played. This isn’t much of a problem if the user has a fast Internet connection, but those with slower Internet connections can find the process frustrating.

This is where download casinos come into play. A download casino will offer a relatively small application that is permanently downloaded to the device, at least until the user decides to remove it. With this application installed, the bulk of the information required for the games is quickly and easily accessible. This means, of course, that downloads are no longer required to in order for the games to be played. Besides, naturally, the single download of the application itself.

The result is that a player can jump straight into a game simply be accessing the application, and choosing the desired game. An Internet connection is still required, assuming the player wants to win real money, but the data transfer required is very low.

Which Is Better?

It cannot objectively be said that a non-download casino is better than a download casino, or vice versa. It’s simply a case of what the player prefers. As already said, those with slow Internet connections will likely prefer a download casino, since it will provide a much more streamlined experience. Applications also tend to provide a more structured and focused experience, which is great for a number of reasons. As far as playing on a mobile device is concerned, such as a smartphone, a dedicated application is generally the better option, given that playing casino games in a smartphone browser can have visibility issues.

Those who play on desktop computers generally prefer no-download casinos, since a faster Internet connection is generally available, and a much larger screen can be used. The visibility issues of smartphones are not an issue with the much larger home computer screen. There are, however, still dedicated applications available for home computers.

How To Get A Dedicated Application

Getting a dedicated application for a device is generally a quick and easy process, requiring just a few moments of time. This does, however, depend on the size of the application being downloaded, and the speed of the Internet connection being used.

Online casinos will offer their application for free, and a download can be initiated simply by selecting the option to install the program. A link will normally be available on the homepage of the casino.

Keep in mind that it is very important to download the correct application for the required devices. If using an Apple device, be sure to download the Apple application, and the same goes for Android users. A separate application should also be available for home computer. Once the application is installed, simply tap or click its icon to open it, and start playing casino games.