Will Online Casinos Kill their Land Based Counterparts?

Ever since the first online casino started life, the land based casino empires little thought that soon people will have the option of cheap and convenient real money gaming action from the comfort of their own homes.

Well here we are, almost a quarter of a century down the line and land based casinos have felt the impact of online casinos.

The Draw Of The Online Casino

Well as we know, online casino action is convenient, fair and simple.

Online software is tested and audited, you can play almost anywhere with mobile casinos and you can always find your favourite games plus hundreds more to try out at your leisure, for free! Online casinos stay open 24/7, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your own home, and you can choose a game that suits your preferences, bankroll and mood without having to wait for a spot to become available at a table or machine.

The Land Based Casino Atmosphere

The main draw of land-based casinos are of course the atmosphere on the casino floor.

Personally, walking into that iconic atmosphere usually makes me feel like I am on the land-based casino’s territory, rather than at home having fun.

That said, you can’t really compare the aesthetics of Monte Carlo with your living room. This is the main reason that we are seeing a rise in popularity of live dealer tables.

Online casinos actively try and offer their members a piece of that casino atmosphere.

The Game Variety

A Land Based casino will always have to face the limitations of the casino floor space.

You can only fit so many slots and tables in an area which means that land based casinos only put in games that they think will make them money.

At an online casino, the game library covers almost every conceivable casino game out there, regardless of how beneficial it is to the online casino.

Online casinos provide fantastic games that are improvements on their land based casino counterparts and with live casino gaming, players can also expect a professional atmospheric environment for their table game action

The Best Place To Play

So the questions stands- will online casinos kill land-based casinos?

In reality, not anytime soon. Land based casinos still offer something special, and although they may have suffered a loss of custom due to the online gaming industry, there’s still a place for them. While some of the smaller venues may have had to close their doors- and some o the bigger ones too, places like Vegas and Macau are still pumping, and will do for time to come.