Will Smart Watch Casino Games Be a Trend?

It’s clear that the online gambling industry is trending towards mobile, with a massive rise in popularity due in 2017. As it stands many popular casino games are already available and optimised for the mobile platform, with most other casino games accessible via a web browser. The future says that most online casino games will be designed with the mobile platform in mind, which is not a bad thing by any means. After all, who doesn’t like having a portable casino in their pocket?

The smart watch, however, is a platform that is often overlooked. It’s true that smart watches didn’t exactly explode onto the market with the popularity some were hoping for, but they are still relatively popular in certain circles. Some casino games have been adjusted to be accessible on a smart watch, which comes as no real surprise.

The question is though, could the smart watch be a mobile casino trend in 2017, or ever? Let’s have a look.

Smart Watch Functionality

A smart watch is essentially designed to be a more convenient version of a phone. Sitting strapped to a wrist, a smart watch connects to the phone in a nearby location, and sends real time information back and forth, allowing the phone to be monitored without being directly touched.

In other words, a smart watch is a direct extension of the phone to which it is paired. Messages can be read, vital information sent back and forth, such as files and documents, and phone calls answered, depending on the type of smart watch. It is a convenient little device.

Smart Watch Drawbacks

The major drawback of a smart watch that can’t be ignored is that it certainly has only limited functionality, due its design. The screen is small, allowing for only minimal visual information to be displayed. It also operates via a somewhat minimalist interface, which isn’t great for something beyond reading a text message. The purpose of a smart watch is to be a simple condensed representation of a phone, so by its very nature it is streamlined. So, how do casino games fit into this?

The answer to this question is that casino games fit onto a smart phone as all other programmes do; very tightly. Casino games are indeed available via a smart watch, but are condensed down to a point where they are the bare essentials. There is no room for fancy graphics and visuals, only the very basics are seen. The games are functional, but certainly not much to look at. The question you have to as yourself is, why not just play online poker on your phone? It works a great deal better.

Casino Games On A Smart Phone

Currently a few slot games and table games are compatible with a smart watch. The slot game uses only the central row of the reel, since it is all that can fit on the screen. An online poker game that is available shows miniature cards, allowing the player to participate in the game with the least amount of information possible. Both games are functional and work perfectly well, but again, certainly aren’t going to blow any minds with their presentation.

Controlling casino games on a smart watch can be a bit of pain, it must be said. Interacting with a smart watch is done via buttons on the side of the device, or by touching the screen. Given that the screen is so small, the interactivity is not optimal, and can make the experience less than perfect. Again, the games are functional, but it likely won’t be long until you were wishing the game were being played on a screen a bit bigger. Like on the phone that the smart watch is paired with!

There If You Want Them

There is no denying that smart watches are convenient and have their uses. It is great to not have to take your phone out of your pocket, or drawer, or unplug it from the charger to read a text message. As far as games go, however, a smart watch certainly isn’t going to be the first choice of most players. If you’re going to commit time to playing a game, you may just as well pick up your phone. But hey, who are we to say how a person likes to play their casino games? It’s all a matter of preference, after all.

For those that want them, a few smart watch casino games are available. As for smart watch casino games becoming a major trend, we are of the opinion that is rather unlikely. As far as technology trends go in 2017, virtual reality is much more likely to be drawing attention and turning heads. As the average person on the street if they are more excited about playing a casino game on a smart watch or virtual reality headset and see the response you get.